Welcome to Pike’s Bay Sanitary District!


The Pike’s Bay Sanitary District  (PBSD) represents about 20% of the land area of Bayfield Township.  The PBSD is governed by five Commissioners who are popularly elected and charged with governing on behalf of the Town residents who are included in the PBSD area (see map).

The PBSD provides facilities for the collection of sewerage for a part of the district by providing collection piping, manholes, and lift stations in the District.  Not all of the area of the District is provided with service from PBSD.

The waste generated in the PBSD, and from the City of Bayfield, is piped to a state-of-the-art treatment facility (the Greater Bayfield Waste Water Treatment Plant or GBWWTP) located in the Township.  The GBWWTP facility is owned and operated by the Greater Bayfield Waste Water Treatment Plant Commission.  The GBWWTPC is comprised of three representatives from the PBSD (the PBSD Commissioners) and three representatives from the City of Bayfield.  This relationship is defined and operated under the Intermunicipal Agreement between the City of Bayfield and PBSD.